Evangelical Formosan Church of Phoenix
        認 識 真 神,生 命 轉 變
           Know God, Be transformed

Evangelical Formosan Church of Phoenix
 All earth bows to you, All people praise Your name

Faith Statement

What We Believe

  1. 新舊約聖經是上帝所啟示無謬誤的話語,陳明上帝完備救人的聖旨,是基督徒信仰與生活最高權威。
  2. 自有永有的上帝,永存於聖父、聖子與聖靈三位一體。
  3. 三位一體的上帝創造、維護並統管宇宙萬物,但祂先於一切受造物而存在,且與被造物有別。
  4. 人類始祖亞當是按上帝的形像被造,但因得罪上帝而失去原有純真本性,遭致本身及其後裔的定罪及死亡,因此人類需要救贖,但卻全然無能自救。
  5. 上帝因祂的慈愛與憐恤,在人類墮落之後為人類預備救贖大功,且與祂的子民訂立恩典之約,上帝不但應許而且實際地賜下救主耶穌基督,使信靠祂的人得以稱義與享受永生。
  6. 耶穌基督是上帝的獨生子,由父上帝所差遣,從聖靈所感孕,藉童女馬利亞出生,祂一生無罪順服,並為那些相信祂的子民受苦被釘在十字架上,上帝使祂從死裡復活,並且高升祂為主為基督,並將所應許之聖靈賜給教會。
  7. 人的得救本乎恩也因著相信耶穌,被救贖的罪人得以成為上帝的子民,承受永生,耶穌基督是上帝與人之間的唯一中保,唯獨藉著祂才能到父那裡去。
  8. 信徒在基督裡成為新造的人,蒙召順著聖靈而行,向罪死、在義上活、效法基督、顯出聖靈的果子。善功是基督徒生活的本份而不是稱義之根據。
  9. 唯獨上帝才是我們良心的主宰,信徒在信仰與行為上,得以超脫一切違反聖經或聖經以外人為的增添誡命。
  10. 所有真信徒屬於基督,是聖靈的居所,是基督的身體,亦是無形的教會;教會在基督裡是聖潔、普世性與合一的。無形的教會藉有形的教會表明出來,地方的教會包 括一切心信口認基督而且接受洗禮,作為上帝的子民、祭司的國度。教會必須漸漸長大,滿有基督長成的身量,藉著運用聖靈的恩賜在崇拜、聖禮、團契、紀律與服 事、見證等事上完成宣教的聖工。
  11. 信徒皆為祭司,受職者與平信徒同心服事。
  12. 在末日,基督將親自有形體地再來,審判活人與死人。死人將有形體的復活,信徒藉聖靈承受永生,不信的人被定罪,新天新地於是開始。


  1. That the Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, is the inspired and infallible Word of God, the necessary and complete revelation of His Will for the salvation of men, and is the ultimate authority for Christian faith and life.
  2. In the one true and living God, eternally existing in three distinct persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  3. That the triune God is the Creator, the Sustainer and Ruler of the Creation, but is prior to, and distinct from the Creation.
  4. That the first man, Adam, was created by God in His image, but fell from his original state by sinning against God, and hence incurred upon himself and all his posterity the guilt of sin, condemnation, and death; therefore, all mankind are in need of salvation, but are totally incapable of saving themselves.
  5. That after the Fall, God, in His mercy and love, made provision for men's redemption through the establishment of the covenant of grace with His people by the promise and the actual giving of the Savior Jesus Christ, whom to believe is justification and life.
  6. That Jesus Christ is the Son of God, sent by the Father, begotten by the Holy Spirit, and born of the virgin Mary; that He lived a sinless and obedient life, suffered and died on the cross vicariously for the sins of His people who believe in Him; that God raised Him from the dead, exalted Him both as Lord and Christ, and gave Him the promise of the Holy Spirit for His Church.
  7. That men are saved by grace through faith in Christ in response to the Gospel preached, or otherwise presented, in the power of the Holy Spirit, through whom ransomed sinners became the sons of God and heirs of eternal life. That Jesus Christ is the only mediator between God and men; through His and only through Him the believer has access to the Father.
  8. That every believer is a new creature in Christ, and is called to walk in the Spirit, to die unto sin, and to live unto righteousness, and thereby manifest the fruit of the Spirit, conforming himself to the image of Christ; that good works are the fruit of the Christian life, and are not ways of justification.
  9. That God alone is the Lord of our conscience, and that the believers are free from the commands of men which are contrary to, or in addition to, the Scriptures in matters of faith and conduct.
  10. That the church, consisting of all true believers, being Christ's own and indwell by the Holy Spirit, is the Body of Christ, the invisible church; that the church is holy, universal and one in Christ; that the invisible church manifests itself in the visible church, the local congregations consisting all who profess to believe in Christ and are baptized; that as the people of God and a kingdom of priests, the church is called to grow unto the stature of the fullness of Christ and to fulfill her missionary work through the exercise of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, in worship, sacraments, fellowship, discipline, and services.
  11. In the priesthood of all believers, and the parity of the ministers and the laity.
  12. That in the last day, as the consummation of redemption, Christ will come again personally and visible to the earth to judge the living and the dead; that there will be a bodily resurrection of the dead, of the believers through the Holy Spirit unto the inheritance of eternal life, and the unbelievers unto condemnation; and that a new heaven and a new earth will be ushered in.