The 2:7 Series is discipleship training. People in training groups learn and practice skills while they experience spiritual growth.  People will learn and practice skills such as quiet time options, ways to meditate on Scripture, how to sharpen and tell their salvation story, and other skill-based topics.

Discipleship training is every Friday night at 7:30 PM.  Come join us for fellowship dinner at 6:30 PM, and study at 7:30 PM.
Evangelical Formosan Church of Phoenix
        認 識 真 神,生 命 轉 變
           Know God, Be transformed

Evangelical Formosan Church of Phoenix
 All earth bows to you, All people praise Your name

Youth Ministry

Bible Studies for Life: Students

Bible Studies for Life: Students helps you connect the unconnected students in your ministry. It will develop students based on a discipleship framework that helps them know Christ, become contributing servants in the community of faith, and engage their culture. This study will also help you strengthen families in your church by equipping parents to have spiritual conversations with their students.

Come learn with us every Sunday morning at 10 AM for Sunday School, and worship service at 11:30 AM.
Growing Strong in God's Family, A Course in Personal Discipleship to Strengthen Your Walk with God